10 Top Reasons to Dance with Lewis Inman

The Ten Top Reasons to Dance with Lewis Inman are:

1. Experienced Dancer…He has danced for over 20 years.

2. Excellent Choreographer…Have you seen our Performance Team dance at our showcases?  Lewis has been the choreographer for all of their performances.

3. Lewis can teach a group lesson for students at all different levels.  He is our instructor for our Dance of the Month group lessons which are extremely successful.

4. Lewis  looks out for others.

5. Genuine

6. Helpful

7. Lewis gives to the community.  He has participated in Dancing With the Stars in Wrentham and for ARC events.

8. Loyal

9. Creative.  Lewis has beautifully decorated our studio for parties.

10.  Lewis is an excellent teacher.  All of his students learn how to dance!!!


Welcome Tomas Vasicek and take a FREE lesson with him

We are excited to have Tomas join the Savaria family on Monday 23rd June. If you have not danced with Tomas then you should book a FREE lesson to be taken during his first week here.

His bio is http://www.savariadance.com/cms/instructors/tomas-vasicek

What it does not say is that he is married to our own Kimberly Harris and they compete professionally all over the world.

Tomas is a high energy instructor and brings a fresh teaching experience to Savaria!